lishma members

  • Hagit Abir

    Principal of "Science & Judaism" High School in Hadera

  • Devora Aharonov

    Eligibility and Budget Manager, Bnei Brak Municipality Welfare Department

  • Devora Eiferman

    Devora Eiferman – Director of Religious Buildings Division, Ministry of Religious Services

  • Dasi Illouz

    Social Activities Department Manager at Mifalot Simcha chain and VP of Resources at Shmura Community

  • Shulamit Ansbacher

    Real Estate Attorney

  • Hani Busi

    Locality Culture Coordinator, Emanuel Municipality

  • Shifra Bord

    Educational Projects Section Manager, Beitar Municipality Education Department

  • Sara Belvi

    Community Resilience Coordinator, Beitar Municipality

  • Mazal Ben-Harush

    VP of Marketing & Sales at Gil Group Marketing and Media Communications

  • Esti Bekker

    VP of Moses Communications and Computers

  • Avishag Bruchi

    Manager of The Ultra-Orthodox Family Center, Ashdod Municipality

  • Racheli Bercher

    CPA and Partner in an accounting firm.

  • Nechama Brent

    Project Manager, Citybook Services Ltd.

  • Nahala Goldberg

    VP of Logistics and HR, Afek Oil & Gas Ltd.

  • Abigail Goldfield

    Management Member and Seminar Coordinator for students from abroad

  • Rachel Goldstein

    Head of Development Team at PRA Israel

  • Riki Gelbstein

    Ma'ala Community Center Manager, Urban Recreation Company, Ashdod

  • Miri Gefner

    Clinical Psychologist

  • Henia Gallerenter

    Deputy Director of the Youth Department, Modi'in Illit Municipality

  • Haya Gershoni

    Attorney, Researcher and Doctoral student in the field of Law and Disability at Tel Aviv University

  • Tovi Debiletzki

    Support & Implementation Section Manager, Bnei Brak Municipality

  • Mazal Davidoff

    Family Health Center Manager, Jerusalem

  • Rivka Heinman

    Attorney and Owner of a Law Firm Specializing in Employment Laws & Writ of Execution, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Promotion of Women, Tel Aviv District, Office of the Israel Bar

  • Lital Harel

    Head of Finance and Operations Section, Yad Vashem Site Accessibility Coordinator. Organizational, Social and Business Consultant

  • Haya Vegshel

    Manager of the Academic Program, Beit Bracha Seminary, in collaboration with the Open University of Israel

  • Feiga Vidden

    Headquarters Staff Member at The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services' National Program for Children and Youth at Risk.

  • Dvora Visfish

    Director of ultra-Orthodox Programs in the Population Employment Administration of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

  • Zehava Ze'evi

    Deputy Director of Pisga Center

  • Tamar Zusman

    Kindergarten Department Manager, Bnei Brak Municipality

  • Yehudit Tauber

    Internet Protectiveness Program Manager, Modi'in Illit Municipality

  • Orna Tobayas

    Director of Rehabilitation Division, Ashdod Municipality

  • Hanna Tofir-Afik

    Journalist and Author, Editor of Women's Section in "Mishpacha" Newspaper

  • Ruti Turnheim

    Director of Welfare Division's Administration, Beitar Municipality

  • Haya Yousovitch

    Director of Diaspora School Chain and Manager of "Olim Im Tikva" immigrant Absorption Center

  • Libi Yayish

    Tel Aviv District Administration's Budget Manager, Ministry of Interior

  • Rachel Yaacobs

    Criminologist and Doctoral student in the field of Injury and Couples in the ultra-Orthodox Society

  • Maayan Cohen

    External Relations Manager at Ma'ala Center

  • Daniel Cohen

    Event Producer, Head of Arts & Culture Initiatives at "The ultra-Orthodox Association for Culture and the Arts"

  • Hodaya Cohen

    Senior Financial Audit Coordinator at the Department of Education's Examinations Division.

  • Rivka Cohen

    Data & Monitoring Department Manager, Bnei Brak Municipality

  • Havi Lauper

    Head of Development, Assimilation and Data Mining Unit at the Israel Police's Technology & Teleprocessing Division.

  • Yehudit Loverbum

    Manager of "Gvanim" Community Center in Beit Shemesh, and Director of "The ultra-Orthodox Association for Culture and the Arts

  • Rachel Levitan

    Marketing VP of Hebrew and English Editions, "Mishpacha" Group

  • Sari Landa

    Spatial Business Area Manager, The Bnei Brak Economic Company

  • Miri Moskowitz

    HR Department Manager, Modi'in Illit Municipality

  • Sari Miller

    Young Adults Engagement Manager, Modi'in Illit Municipality

  • Sarah Malik

    Technology Development Team Manager at the Ministry of Defense

  • Odelia Melamed

    Community Social Worker, Elad Municipality

  • Etti Meller

    Doctoral Student and Manager of the JFN Program

  • Tzipi Manheimer

    Political and Business Strategy Consultant

  • Yael Meshi

    Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Lecturer at "Afikei Da'at" Seminary, Youth Promotion Trend

  • Hava Navon

    Children & Youth Department Manager, Bnei Brak Municipality Welfare Division

  • Tova Stander

    "Lishma Policy" Program Manager, Lishma Organization

  • Havi Salomon


  • Shulamit Saada

    ultra-Orthodox District Kindergarten Supervisor, Ministry of Education

  • Tehila Saadia

    Attorney at Reshef-Rotman & Associates Law Firm

  • Giti Polak

    Director of Projects, Elad Municipality Welfare Division

  • Hagit Feiger

    Director of Middle Schools and High Schools at the Education Division, Beitar Municipality

  • Zifrit Pelled

    Community Social Worker, Emanuel Municipality

  • Dvora Feldman

    Researcher at the ultra-Orthodox Institute for the Study of Policies and Analyst at "Maoz" Data Center

  • Malki Friedman

    Urban Services Department Manager, Modi'in Illit Municipality

  • Shlomit Frenkel

    Manager of Career Retraining at Bnei Brak Economic Company,

  • Efrat Tzadok

    District Professional Development Coordinator, the Ministry of Education

  • Rinat Tzadok

    Account Manager at the Change Division, Makom Project, Maoz Organization

  • Michal Tsarafi

    Manager of Maccabi Healthcare Services' Ultra-Orthodox Sector National Project.

  • Yochi Kelati

    HR Department Manager, ultra-Orthodox Education Division, Jerusalem Municipality

  • Leah Kalmerski

    Ma'ala Community Center's Culture Unit Manager, Urban Recreation Company, Ashdod

  • Sherry Klatchkin

    Undergraduate Studies Academic Department Manager at HAC Hadassah College's Strauss Campus

  • Rachel Kaminski

    CPA, Residential Collection Enforcement Manager, Revenue Division, Bnei Brak Municipality

  • Hannah Raem

    Finance Manager and Management Member at a Construction Investment Company and "Meuhedet Healthcare" Board Member

  • Ester Rabinowitz

    Disabled and Widowed Rehabilitation Social Worker, National Insurance Institute of Israel

  • Shlomit Rob

    ultra-Orthodox Sports Coordinator, Jerusalem Municipality Sports Division

  • Miri Rottenberg

    Manager of Computing and Monitoring, Welfare Division, Bnei Brak

  • Leah Rappaport

    Director of Communal Security Division, Modi'in Illit Municipality

  • Hodaya Shabtai

    Software Engineering and Product Manager, Verint Systems

  • Shoshi Schwartz

    Manager of the Department for Youth, Sports and Young Adults at Kiryat Ye'arim Municipality

  • Dasi Shvinger

    Technical Customer Success Manager at Cloudinary

  • Malki Shinin

    Principal of "Illit Shuvu" High School, Ashdod

  • Batya Shapira

    ultra-Orthodox Special Education Department Manager, Jerusalem Municipality