Rashut Lishma is a program for the development of human capital and a professional cadre of

 Haredi women in the local authoritiesThrough training municipal employees to lead community 

projects for the Haredi community, The program will provide training, personal development 

and a professional platform to advance and accelerate the projects from the need-

identification stage all the way to the response.


Ultra-Orthodox women in local authorities leading social initiatives that advance the authority

and promote the quality of communal life.


Haredi society boasts a significant group of women with potential to contribute in the social-

public sphere. On the other hand, there are many needs to be addressed for the quality of 

communal life. In the absence of tools and mechanisms to develop this potential, and platforms 

to operate in it, Haredi and general society are losing human capital and significant social contribution.


A platform for the development and acceleration of community projects to advance the quality 

of life for the community, by municipal employees. The platform will provide knowledge, skills 

and a professional environment for the success of the project, in cooperation with the local 

authority and the community.